Planning a wedding in the beautiful city of Ottawa? Every little detail counts when creating the perfect atmosphere, especially if you’re considering an outdoor ceremony or reception. One of the most pivotal details? Your tent! Whether you’re hosting 20 guests or 200, this guide will help answer the burning question: “What size tent do I need for my wedding?”

What Size Tent Do I Need for a Wedding in Ottawa?

The answer depends largely on the nature of your wedding, the seating arrangement, and additional factors like dance floors and catering stations. Let’s dive in and break it down, shall we?

What size tent do i need for 20 wedding guests in Ottawa?

For an intimate gathering of 20 guests, a 20×20 feet tent should suffice. This allows for:

  • A sit-down dinner arrangement
  • Some extra space for a modest dance floor or bar area

In Ottawa’s unpredictable climate, it’s always a smart move to have side walls just in case the weather decides to throw a curveball.

What size tent do i need for 30 wedding guests in Ottawa?

With 30 guests, think a bit bigger. A 20×30 feet tent will be ideal, offering:

  • Adequate seating for all guests
  • Ample space for any entertainment or activity stations

You might even squeeze in a cute little photo booth corner!

What size tent do i need for 50 wedding guests in Ottawa?

For 50 beloved attendees, a 30×40 feet tent should be on your radar. This will cater for:

  • Generous seating arrangements
  • A dance floor to groove on
  • Possibly a designated area for the band or DJ

This size allows for more flexibility and creative setups.

What size tent do i need for 100 wedding guests in Ottawa?

Ah, the big hundred! A 40×80 feet tent should do the trick. Benefits of this size include:

  • Spacious seating, either banquet or round table style
  • A larger dance floor for those memorable moves
  • Extra space for catering, bars, or even a lounge area

This size ensures comfort and freedom for your guests.

What size tent do i need for 150 wedding guests in Ottawa?

Scaling up, for 150 attendees, aim for a 60×90 feet tent. Here’s what you get:

  • Ample seating with comfortable spacing
  • A sizable dance floor and entertainment area
  • Potential for multiple activity zones, from photo booths to kids’ areas

What size tent do i need for 200 wedding guests in Ottawa?

For a grand gathering of 200 guests, a 80×120 feet tent will be your best friend. This ensures:

  • Lavish seating arrangements
  • A grand dance floor, befitting the occasion
  • Multiple zones for various activities and entertainment options

Everyone can mingle comfortably, making it a night to remember.

Number of GuestsTent Size (feet)Features
2020×20– Sit-down dinner arrangement
– Space for a modest dance floor or bar area
3020×30– Adequate seating for all guests
– Space for entertainment or activity stations
5030×40– Generous seating arrangements
– Dance floor
– Area for band or DJ
10040×80– Spacious seating
– Large dance floor
– Space for catering, bars, or lounge
15060×90– Ample seating with spacing
– Sizable dance floor and entertainment area
– Potential for multiple activity zones
20080×120– Lavish seating arrangements
– Grand dance floor
– Multiple zones for activities and entertainment

Factors to Consider Beyond Size

  1. Ottawa’s Weather: Being prepared for unpredictable weather is key. Always consider sidewalls and heating options, especially for fall or early spring weddings.
  2. Location: Some Ottawa venues may have restrictions on tent sizes or types, so always check in advance.
  3. Additional Requirements: Think about stages, restrooms, and catering areas. These will need extra space.


How do I account for a dance floor?

Allocate at least 2-4 square feet per guest for dancing. So, for 100 guests, a 200-400 square feet dance floor is ideal.

Should I get a backup tent?

For Ottawa weddings, especially in volatile weather seasons, a smaller backup tent can be handy for unexpected events.

How early should I book my tent rental?

For peak wedding seasons in Ottawa, it’s best to book 6-9 months in advance.

Can I customize the tent’s interior?

Absolutely! Drapes, lights, and decorations can transform any tent into a dreamy wedding venue.

Is it more expensive to rent larger tents?

Generally, yes. But always consider package deals or discounts offered by rental companies.

What if I have more than 200 guests?

Consult with your tent rental company. They can provide guidance on combining multiple tents or offer custom solutions.


Choosing the right tent size for your Ottawa wedding can seem daunting, but with the right guidance and considerations, it can be a breeze. Always consult with a reputable tent rental company in Ottawa and consider the unique needs of your celebration. Here’s to an unforgettable outdoor wedding experience!